Dr. Gaddam Srinivas
President of Windsor University



I was born in the great city of Hyderabad, India. My father ( Prof. Gaddam Narayan ) was a Professor of Zoology in Osmania University, Hyderabad. My mother ( Gaddam. Bharathi Devi ) is a resident of Hyderabad and is the one that raised me in traditional Indian value system. I have two sisters. I belong to backward class Community in the State of Andhra Pradesh with my roots leading to Munnuru Kapu ( farmers community )

I am also the nephew ( My Fathers brother ) Honorable. Gaddam Raja Ram who was the long time legislator from Nizamabad and Finance and Power Minister of the State of Andhra Pradesh. He was a close associate of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Mrs. Indira Gandhi. He joined congress in 1957 under Jawaharlal Nehru and was elected many times in Congress party and served as a Minister in several Governments of Andhra Pradesh. He is my mentor and God father because of whom I became a Physician.

My father was a simple principled well learned man. I am here today being a professional physician is because of his guidance, teaching, values and everything that was required for me to be a successful physician. He is everything for me and my God after God.

I went to catholic school system at St. Paul’s High school and Little Flower College system. I am exposed to all religions and cultures as a child that makes me a complete secular personality.
I am a born and proud Hindu.
I was raised in Muslim Nizam city of Hyderabad in a community of both Muslims, Hindus and Christians.
I went to Catholic school system in Hyderabad.

I am a graduate of University of Medical and Health Sciences, Vijaywada, India and completed my MD. I am married to a beautiful individual and my sweet heart from the same city of Hyderabad “Vina” for the last 25 years who is not only my best friend but is everything in this life, and today after day, month after month, and now year after year I cannot live without her.

I have two beautiful children Preeti and Tarun who are born and raised in United States. I took them to India every year since last 10 years for them to be exposed to both cultures and values of India and United States.

I came to United States 22 years ago and completed my United States Medical Licensing Boards. I completed my Residency training in Family Practice from Howard University Family Practice Residency program, Washington DC.

About my Career:

I was one of the first Indians to have become a founder and established Windsor University in British Turks and Caicos. I became the President of Windsor University at a very young age and ran a medical school in St. Kitts.

I am the founder and chairman of AMERICAN BRITISH ACADEMY a private school academy in Chicago and Michigan.

I ran for the Parliament of India in 2009 as an independent from Nizamabad and lost the election.

I am the chairman of Royal Group of Hotels based in Illinois, Michigan and Ohio.

I am the chairman of Bay Resorts which owns Morgan Vacation Resort, Blue Gable Resort and Fridgate Bay Resort.

I am the founder and chairman of “DOCTOR DONUTS” which is a food chain like “DUNKIN DONUTS” based in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

I am a restaurateur having established FIREHOUSE GRILL AND BAR in USA and St. Kitts.

I am a restaurateur having established Indian Cuisines EAT HYDERABADI AND COPPER CHIMNEY in India and St. Kitts.

I am the founder and chairman of JANATA TV CHANNEL in states of Andhra Pradesh, Uttarkhand and Himachal Pradesh. JANATA TV is a 24 hr news channel in India.

I am the founder and chairman of a social networking web portal like FACE BOOK called JANATA BOOK (People’s Book) tagged as FRIENDTASTIC.

I am also the founder and chairman of an online news paper WORLD TIMES ONLINE NEWS.

I founded and am the chairman of WORLD CRICKET NATIONS which is an International cricket organization with an aim to promote cricket tournaments in India, West Indies, Sri Lanka, England and other countries.

I am the chairman of AGRNT (Argul Gaddam Rajaram Narayan Trust) which is a charitable trust named after my father and Godfather. The trust provides medical services to the remote parts of the world where health care is scarce.

I am teacher and teach physicians and medical students who are preparing for United States Medical Licensing Exams and Canadian Medical Licensing Exams.

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Dr. Gaddam Srinivas - President of Windsor University